Spiritual, Moral, Social & Culture


This page identifies the importance of Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural learning which takes place in our school. We positively encourage links with our British Values and our School Christian Values.


The wisdom of faith traditions that informs the spirituality of many people, asks us not to measure ourselves solely in terms of our achievement but to see each individual as precious and unique and having intrinsic worth. They teach that there should be a still centre to our lives where God may be encountered.


Our Spiritual Garden offers a place for quiet reflection times, it is situated away from the busy playground offering peace and enhancing our Christian Value of Self-Worth. We enjoy awe and wonder in the nature which surrounds the garden as well as the rural setting we are in. We also use our “Buddy Bench” building on our Christian Values of Forgiveness and Friendship.

We have further introduced Spirituality spaces in the shared spaces of the school where children can pause to be quiet and absorb themselves in the key messages of the interactive stations.

In the outside area of our Foundation Stage class, we have developed a special space for reflection and Spirituality for children to use during the day and in Child Initiated Learning.

A Prayer Table is in every class with a cloth representing the Church Season. The table includes a candle, a bible, “worry box” and any special symbols which we learn about. The children plan the tables and make suggestions as to what should be included. Below shows a Candy Cane as we learnt the meaning behind the red stripes on the white shaped shepherds crook. Every class writes their own prayers which are shared during Collective Acts of Worship developing understanding of our Christian Values “Love” and “Respect”. We also share the prayers from our Prayer tree.

We foster imagination, empathy and creativity through the curriculum we offer and the texts we study. We build on all of our feelings with music, English, science and art lessons. The local area is celebrated with photos from parents which inspire awe and wonder.



All stakeholders and members of the local community are role models within our school community. We received many thank you letters from the local community recipients of our Harvest Boxes. All children strive to be entered into the Golden book which is shared during Collective Worship linking to Christian Values.

Our Rainbow behaviour system has clear rewards and consequences, enabling us to strive towards exemplary behaviour at all times.

Class rules are written by the children and displayed. The School Code of Conduct is displayed around the school and our Behaviour policy is accessible to all. Every family agrees to a Home/School agreement. Consequently we have high expectations in lessons as well as moving around the school.

Pupils are encouraged to take leadership roles at all levels these include School Council leaders, class monitors, Collective Worship hosts, menu monitors. We believe pupils should be given responsibilities in order to take ownership and achieve. Wittersham CEP school is also one of a few primary schools taking part in a two-year national pilot project called ‘Learning To Lead’ where pupils and staff are being trained to allow pupils to identify areas of school development that are important to pupils, create an action plan and work collaboratively with the one another and the school community to achieve their goals.



PREVENT is about safe-guarding our students. All staff have undertaken a course and parents receive regular updates with regard to all safe-guarding issues. Children are taught within discreet lessons as issues arise. Each and every term the children are taught about online safety.

We teach our children to have exemplary manners enhancing our school with a respectful culture amongst pupils and adults, embracing all of our School Christian Values of “Respect, Self-Worth and Perseverance, Forgiveness, Kindness and Love”.

Through Bible readings and linking stories to our school values we are able to increase all Social awareness.

Every morning the children take part in an emotional barometer to monitor their feelings. Discreet Emotional Literacy Lessons also take place when necessary with our SENCO. Children at Wittersham enjoy helping others.

We actively take part in many fund-raising events throughout the year. Dance Dash a dance troop from Homewood inspired us with dancing and we contributed to “Children in Need”. We received a letter of thanks from the Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal as we raised £222.20.

The letter says: “This is quite outstanding for such a small school and the children should be very proud. When senior residents of the village worry about whether Remembrance Day and the symbolism of the poppies will be forgotten in the future, they only have to turn to the children of your school for reassurance.”

As part of the celebrations for Remembrance day we were honoured to be joined by members of the Royal British Legion.

Every Wednesday members from our local community join the children for a roast dinner lunch. They also always attend our celebration meals.


At Wittersham CEP School, we appreciate cultural differences, appreciate the role of Britain’s Parliamentary system; participate in cultural opportunities, understand, accept, respect and celebrate diversity. We recognise that, as well as multi-cultural education, the most fundamental part of this is the school’s local culture. Our pupils develop an understanding of the culture around them and how it differs from others. Our curriculum contributes to this wider culture including through Religious Education, History, Geography and the Arts.

We aim to enrich our children’s education with cultural visits, experiences and celebrations. A few examples of these are: Trip to France for a Year 5/6 residential. Visits to Homewood secondary school’s German market and French picnic. Visit to a Sikh Temple. Celebrations of Chinese New Year in the curriculum and extra-curricular art club. We have a visiting Mandarin teacher who works every Friday afternoon with Year 6 pupils to develop cultural understanding and language skills.

Last summer the school hosted the 90th birthday celebrations for the village of Wittersham, our pupils and their families. All came together to celebrate as a community with a huge tea party followed by traditional games played on the school fields.

We respond as a school to current affairs and are often led by the children as to what interests them and what they wish to find out more about. For example, pupils holding an EU Referendum.

We have a range of extra-curricular clubs that are offered to children (details on website) which expose pupils to enriching activities, such as, gardening, cooking, sports, dance, music. Our pupils engage and respond positively to these opportunities and if they wish to, they can participate in tournaments or competitions. The school have recently won prizes in a range of sports, art and local writing competitions and performed a dance routine at the White Rock Theatre in Hastings as part of ‘A Time To Dance’.

Our School Council have organised to sponsor a child from Kenya. The Mission of St Paul came to deepen our knowledge about their way of life. The children were inspired to learn about health and education of children in nomadic African communities.



British Values incorporated in lessons for RE, history, geography, and art. We draw comparisons with other cultures and celebrate our own culture.

Our Harvest Festival last year took a farming theme to celebrate our local community.

Key Stage One Christmas Production “Christmas from around the world” compared the celebrations from other countries.