Assessment and Recording in Science

Science is most often taught in discrete lessons; however, the cross-curricular nature of the subject allows for Scientific content to be delivered through other subjects such as English, Maths, D.T., etc.

Teachers assess children’s scientific knowledge, understanding and skills through observations of the children during lessons, referring to the knowledge and skills progression documents. As part of this Assessment for Learning, questioning will be used to challenge thinking and move the learning on. You will see different ways of recording assessment across the school such as Andrew Berry grids, working wall comments, etc.

Twice a year, Target Tracker is completed by class teachers to show the children’s attainment in Working Scientifically; Living things and their habitats, Animals including humans, Materials, Plants and Seasonal Change (KS1); Living things and their habitats, Animals including humans, Earth and Space, Electricity, Evolution, Forces, Light, Materials including States of Matter, Plants, Rocks, and Sound (KS2).

The Science co-ordinator will then analyse the data twice a year to inform and develop the subject. They will also look at the children’s books to ensure the constant revisiting of knowledge, conference with the children and conduct regular learning walks.

Science Progression of Knowledge and Skills