Music at Wittersham CEP School

Teaching and Learning

Music is something which occurs naturally here at Wittersham CEP School. It is highly valued, recognised and embraced. Wherever possible, music is made a part of our school day from collectively singing hymns together in worship, clapping rhythms as an attention grabber, exploring pulse and expressing our voices when reading texts in English and even singing our lunch time and end of day prayers. All of these examples provide opportunities for children to enjoy elements of music but in addition all children engage in regular music lessons which align with the statements and expectations as set out in the Primary National Curriculum.

As a school, we made the decision to teach our music lessons through a resource known as ‘Charanga’ – a scheme which fulfils all of the requirements set out in the National Curriculum and enables children to understand and explore musical concepts. Each music session from Charanga builds progressively upon musical knowledge, concepts and acquired skills.  Within each unit of work there are structured opportunities for children to listen to and appraise music, a variety of musical activities to engage with and opportunities for aspects of performance. Through using Charanga, the children also have access to an online platform called ‘Yumu’ which is ‘a safe online space where children can go to learn, explore and develop playing and musicianship skills’.

Assessment                                                                                                                                 Music is assessed formatively by class teachers as and when they feel it is appropriate and through using the Charanga class schemes all musical areas are covered and can be assessed accurately by teachers. Class teachers are responsible for collating assessment data and inputting it onto Target Tracker  – an electronic assessment resource. By Term 6 all class teachers need to have entered their class data which must be visible and collated onto Target Tracker so that a formal summative assessment for each child with regard to their Musical learning can be produced.

At Wittersham CEP School we acknowledge the positive impact music can have on the holistic development of a child (as supported by educational research) and want to provide every child with the opportunity to explore music beyond the constraints of a timetabled session in class. As a result, we offer a number of music based lunch time and after school clubs and extra-curricular opportunities.

Take a look at some of our musical successes and opportunities so far this year:

24/09/19 – Rye Arts Society Choir Master Workshop for all classes.

25/09/19 – Harvest Festival. Various performances by each class and the performance of musical accompaniments by metallophone club to a hymn.

16/11/19 – Choir performance at the school Christmas Fair.

16/12/19 – KS2 members of the choir visited Wittersham Lunch club to sing Christmas carols.