Design and Technology

Design and Technology at Wittersham CEP School


At Wittersham School, we recognise the importance of children developing practical and creative skills in a changing, increasingly digital, world.  Through a well-planned design and technology curriculum, pupils have the opportunity to develop perseverance, resilience and resourcefulness whilst gaining valuable life skills. We encourage children to take risks; develop their understanding through asking questions; become critical of products and to enjoy their learning!

Teaching and Learning      

Pupils in both KS1 and 2 enjoy creative opportunities to develop practical design and technology skills throughout the year in addition to three specific units of design and technology. These units make use of cross curricular opportunities so that children can make links in their learning and apply knowledge and skills from other curriculum areas. Where possible, the local rural context of the school, is incorporated into learning. As children progress through our school, they will gain an increased understanding of products, the design and evaluation process and using tools safely with growing independence.

Learning may evidenced through annotated drawings and plans, photographs, process diaries, written evaluations or teacher notes. The progression document (available on our website) shows how learning and skills in design and technology are developed throughout Key Stage One and Two.


Design and technology is assessed formatively by class teachers thorough out the learning process and summatively at the end of each unit using a bespoke document, based upon the progression in learning for each year group. Children are assessed in the areas of design, making (including cooking and nutrition) and evaluating. Based upon these assessments, in the Term 6, class teachers make a formal summative assessment for each child in line with age related expectations, which is recorded on Target Tracker.

Click the link below to view our Progression of Knowledge & Skills Document

Progression of Knowledge & skills document for DT