Music at Wittersham

We have a long tradition of musicianship with a joy in singing and playing that is passed from one generation of pupils to the next.

We believe that music is the food of the soul and try to ensure that pupils of any age, ability and income get a chance to play the many instruments collected by the school over the years.

From Year Rs enjoying their custom-built chime bars to year 6s running their own bands, music vibrates throughout the school. Pupils audition for places in senior bands and metallophone but lunchtime guitars and after-school recorders are open to all juniors.  Every music club is free and many children borrow instruments from the school’s fantastic stock of guitars, violins, ukuleles, metallophones, recorders and drums.

Many pupils continue to play and sing after leaving Wittersham and we are delighted when they return to join in with one of the musical events that occur every term in our own school, in church and away on joint events with other schools.