Welcome to Rother Class

Friday 13th October

Another week has flown by and what a great week we’ve had!

You have impressed me with your proficiency in division as well as developing your reasoning and problem solving skills. I thoroughly enjoyed our Literacy lessons around Sky Hawk this week; there are some wonderful news reports written by you all – I think we have some budding reporters in Rother Class!

We all (me included) learned a lot from the ‘Restart-a-Heart’ training and now have a really valuable life skill that might just save someone’s life one day.

Here are some photographs of our training:

We have been working hard the last couple of weeks, having some fun along the way! During the week beginning the 25th September, we went on two walks through our village to support our work on the local area. We learnt a lot from looking at the houses and how they have changed their uses over the years; we were amazed to find out that Wittersham used to have lots of pubs as well as a butchers, bakers and a village shop.

We have been really enjoying our Mandarin lessons and on Friday 6th October, we were lucky enough to be taught some Chinese calligraphy.

You can see some of the photographs below.


Thursday 21st September saw us celebrating Harvest festival in St John’s Church and what a wonderful celebration it was! Each class contributed to the service in their own unique way and the children were delighted to see their families coming along to join in with the festival.

Year 6 were privileged to deliver over 60 Harvest boxes, kindly donated by the families of Wittersham School. These were received with genuine pleasure and delight by the recipients and we have already received many glowing thank you letters for the boxes but also for the impeccable manners of our children. The children thoroughly enjoyed the responsibility and said’ “It was lovely to be able to bring a smile to people’s faces by giving something to them.” An embodiment of the generous spirit of the children.


On Friday 15th September, we were very lucky to have a visit from Jeff Lewis and Gambit, the red-tailed hawk. This was to ‘hook’ us into the book Sky Hawk which we are focussing our Literacy work around this term and we were delighted to learn that Jeff had read the book too!

We learnt a lot about ospreys and this has brought to life even more the beautiful language in Sky Hawk; we can really imagine the sound of beating wings as the osprey lifts off into flight after being in close contact with Gambit.

We will be keeping in touch with Jeff as he was so very impressed with our questioning minds and our wonderful manners.

The visit from Gambit the red-tailed hawk and Jeff Lewis.