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Some great home learning, relating to our WW1 topic.

Today, 10th October 2017, we have been up the church tower where we were able to look at the landmarks around us and identify what the land is used for. 


In maths, we have been looking at positive and negative numbers so investigated changes in temperature. 


Members of Oxney Class have been involved yesterday and today, 2nd and 3rd November, in making lanterns for the Rye Festival which is taking place on Saturday, 9th December.  Members of the Rye Festival and the WSA volunteered their time and supported them in this great project.  They have all learnt some great skills including great teamwork.  It has been wonderful to see our older children giving our younger members their support and encouragement.


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On our way to the Secret Garden

 In celebration of our rural community and the farming around us, we have  been making apple crumble.  When we were at the top of the church, we were able to see the orchards around us.

Today, Friday, 13th October, we sampled our apple crumble and we asked Mrs Frost and Mr Hawkins to join us. 

‘I liked making the crumble because we all worked as a team.’ (Imogen)

‘It’s a 10 out of 10 for me.  It was sweet, very filling and yummy.  I don’t normally like apple crumble but I know I made it, so it was yum.’  (Chloe L)

‘I enjoyed the process and making as we all worked together.’ (Bobby)

Wednesday, 8th November, we took part in the Geodesic Dome Challenge organised by the Medway Education Business Partnership.  It was a fantastic opportunity to be involved in a STEM activity and for the children to experience the links between science, technology, engineering and maths as well as developing their teamwork skills.  We all learnt a great deal.