How do mixed age classes work?

Work is differentiated within the class to take into account  of different ages and abilities.   At Key Stage 2 all children are taught in their Year groups for Maths and Science which means that they are often taught in a group of about sixteen

Which secondary school will my child attend after Wittersham?

Most of our students transfer to Homewood School after Year 6. About 25% each year  sit the Kent Selection tests and transfer to selective schools. A few students transfer into the independent sector.

My child is very clever. Will he do well in a small school?

Those children who have particular strengths whether academic, sporting or artistic are given the opportunities to develop their skills. Provision is made  to maximise  their potential with extra curricular activities and challenging tasks.

What happens at lunch time?

Meals cooked in our school kitchen are served to those who have ordered them. About 50% of our pupils have school meals every day with about 75% opting in for certain days. See our three week menu on the website. Go to latest news and follow the link.  Packed lunches are brought in by those […]