British Values



At Wittersham, the British Values are embedded alongside our Christian Values.

In 2011, the Government defined British Values as:

Democracy, The Rule of Law, Individual Liberty, Mutual Respect, Tolerance of those of different faiths and beliefs.

At Wittersham, we promote these values through our own school values, curriculum and enrichment activities.


House Captains and School Council representatives are elected each year by fellow pupils. The School Council meets regularly to discuss issues and school improvemennts. The House Captains represent their houses, organise events and act as role models. An annual questionnaire allows all pupils to put forward their views about the school. Democracy is also promoted through additional PHSE lessons and assemblies.

The Rule of Law

Pupils are taught from an early age the rules of the school, and the importance of laws which govern the class, the school and the country.

We have high expectations about how pupils should conduct themselves at all times. This is reflected in the school’s Behavior Policy.

In Oxney Class; when studying the Rule of Law, a parent lent robes to enhance their knowledge on the British Legal System.


Individual Liberty

Pupils are actively encouraged to make choices, knowing that they are in a safe and supportive environment. Children are taught how to keep themselves safe, with great emphasis put on the digital environment. This is taught through e-safety and PSHE lessons.

Mutual Respect

Mutual Respect is at the heart of our school values. Our school ethos and behaviour policy, are based around core Christian Values, such as ‘respect’ and ‘responsibility’. Children learn that their behaviour affects their own rights, as well as those of others.. All members of the school community treat each other with respect. Children are taught to respect each other, also to be cooperative and collaborative.

Tolerance of those of different faiths and beliefs.

The school actively promotes cultural diversity, whilst developing an openness towards other faiths across the globe. Religous Education and PHSE lessons, reinforce messages of tolerance and respect for others.